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Aroma: Beauty and Fragrances!Aroma” All about Beauty
Plateia Pythagora
22730 – 24339, 28679

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Aroma: Beauty and Fragrances!

Aroma: Beauty and Fragrances!

In 1955, in the city-center of Samos, a store was opened, the name of which soon became synonymous with the words fragrance, beauty and grooming. Aroma store is located in the very same place where it began operating almost 60 years ago, at Pythagoras Square.

Aroma: Beauty and Fragrances!At your favorite Aroma store you’ll find great offers, brand-name fragrances and cosmetics as well as a wide range of daily care products.

You’ll also find professionals ready and willing to offer advice and make suggestions in selection, purchase and use of products you need.

Aroma store offers a huge range of makeup products, fragrances, lotions, cosmetics and personal care products from famous and well-known firms such as Shiseido, Lancôme, Lancaster, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Calvin Klein, Dior are more.

Aroma aims at quality products in affordable prices… and so it does. All our products are perfectly suited to the growing and demanding needs of our time.

Aroma store at a glance

Aroma: Beauty and Fragrances!Famous and well-known cosmetics, makeup products and fragrances as well as the whole range of Fresh Line products. Our customers can choose cosmetics under special offers, always in affordable prices. The assistance of our professional and experienced staff is catalytic.

Aroma: Beauty and Fragrances!Consumer products, such us shampoos, hair dyes, makeup products, personal hygiene products, deodorants, products for hair salons and a wide variety of suitcases and travel accessories.

Aroma: Beauty and Fragrances!

A center of aesthetics for face treatment products such as deep cleansing, hydration, anti-aging treatments, tightening and bleaching with fruit-made acids. Waxing services are also available either with wax or threads or photo and enzymatic practices for complete hair removal. Manicure, pedicure, artificial nails and makeup services are also provided.


Aroma: Beauty and Fragrances!

A center of aesthetics and diet. Innovative methods such as body liposuction, intradermal massage, spa body treatments (aromatherapy), body peeling and thalassotherapy are widely uses. If you’re looking for a delicate silhouette and shiny skin, do Technispa or exfoliate with mango extracts.
Θα βρείτε το κέντρο αισθητικής σώματος & διαιτολογίας. Πρωτοποριακές μέθοδοι όπως λιπογλυπτική σώματος, ενδοδερμικό μασάζ, θεραπείες σώματος spa (αρωματοθεραπεία), πήλινγκ σώματος, θαλασσοθεραπεία.
Για λεπτή σιλουέτα και λαμπερό δέρμα κάντε Technispa ή απολέπιση με εκχυλίσματα από μάγκο.

Fresh Line
Aroma: Beauty and Fragrances!

Beauty Institute

Aroma: Beauty and Fragrances!

At the Beauty Institute Konstantara Filitsa you’ll discover that Aesthetics is science, love and passion. And you’ll discover it by following the Institute’s features: Innovative products, advanced technology, love for perfection and unparalleled quality of services. Choose what you need or what makes you feel full of confidence.
With us you’ll find the solutions that will elevate your mood and make you smile with confidence!
The Institute is a well-designed, elegant and ergonomic place, ideal for relaxation, wellness and escape from everyday routine, combined with state-of-the-art equipment that meet your unique desires and needs.
The Institute employs professional, experienced and specialized staff, which uses strictly selected cosmetic products and is able to meet and face every kind of aesthetic challenge.

Aroma: Beauty and Fragrances!

At Aroma store you’ll also find suitcases and travel accessories from the well-known Diplomat firm in many designs, colors and sizes.
Diplomat’s leather products and accessories are characterized by high quality, duration, stiff construction, modern design and especially affordable prices.
At Aroma you’ll find casual handbags, business briefcases, leather products, business gift and travel accessories.