When it comes to ​​fashion, a reference point for women’s aesthetics, luxury and uniqueness is the “Boutique Rodanthe”, which is located at Pythagorion of Samos.

For more than three decades, the Boutique offers what a woman wishes to wear in order to highlight her delicate, lustrous and fine style that attracts the looks just like a magnet.

Rodanthe: Brand-name Cloths have a Name!

Boutique is a store dedicated to women’s clothing, footwear and accessories. Is located at the heart of Pythagorion and covers the needs and desires of the most demanding ladies.

“Rodanthe”, with its distinctive character, the persistence on aesthetics and its original products, is more than just a fashion store. In fact resembles an art gallery!

We choose our season products carefully. We are experienced in the fashion industry and our collections exudes style while remain always up-to-date and unique!

The boutique captivates your imagination with exclusive shoes, accessories and brands.
“We born unique, we become special only in Rodanthe”.

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Women cloths, shoes, accessories
Pythagorio Samos
Telephone number 22730 61279

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Boutique Rodanthe