The Speleological Association of Samos (SAS) organized a tour in the area around Agiades village, where a famous water spring is located, which supplied Pythagorio with fresh water, through the Tunnel of Eupalinos or Efpalion Aqueduct!

Walking down the slope, leaving behind us the Ancient Mine, the path leads, through dense vegetation, to the northern entrance of the Eupalion Aqueduct. The path, as you can clearly see in the photos, is amazing.

agiades10As it is well-known the preservation works for the opening of Eupalion Aqueduct (in its entire length, which is some 1.036 meters) have been completed, while the preservation works in the outside surrounding areas are progressing rapidly in order to make the place accessible to visitors.

So, we believe, that the day is not far away when this huge project-the largest construction of its kind in antiquity-will be available to all visitors. We hope that the Ancient Mine will gain the admiration of the people all around the world.

The spring of Agiades, which supplied Pythagorio with fresh water, is located a few hundred meters away from the northern entrance of the Eupalion Aqueduct. We also visited the Church of St. John, which is built on the ruins of the ancient temple dedicated to the goddess Aphrodite (in the foundations of the ancient temple is located the spring of Agiades). You can also see the remnants of the ancient pipeline. The largest church shown in the pictures is that of Saint Panteleimon.

The area was named Agiades due to the presence of many churches including the Church of the Holy Trinity which is nearby.

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