The “Grocery Store of the Square” is a real “gem” of “Constantinopolitan cuisine”.

Those who have watched the movie “Politiki kouzina” (“Constantinopolitan cuisine”) should remember, along with other scenes, the scenes inside the grocery store of grandfather Vasillis in the city market. Surely you felt the different scents of spices and flavors!

The “Bakalino tis Plateias” (the “Grocery Store of the Square”): Tastes from Constantinople
Constantinopolitan cuisine

I am lucky because in one of my visits to Constantinople I found the grocery store where many scenes of the movie were filmed. And I confess that I smell the same “magical” scents whenever I visit the “Bakaliko tis Plateias” (the “Grocery Store of the Square”).

The “Grocery Store of the Square” will fill your cuisine and table with first class quality delicacies from every corner of Greece and abroad. It has an incredible variety of dairy products and the best products of the Greek agricultural production.

You can buy cheese and flour or other essentials products. Additionally, except of the well-known and common daily goods, you can find fine and scarce products. The options are many and answer to every desire of a demanding customer. Such wealth and diversity of choices and options will certainly make you a regular customer.

The variety of products is extensive, including: handmade whole meal pasta, Zea bio-products made by ​​Antonopoulos, dried fruits and nuts, cold cuts, cheeses from every part of Greece, “soumada”, “kanelada”, sour cherry and other traditional Greek liqueur and spirits.

The professional staff of the store is connoisseurs of taste and quality. Which one doesn’t know Mr. Giorgos who always and constantly is seeking for new innovative and purely traditional products from the four corners of Greece?

The certain think is that the “Grocery Store of the Square” offers quality and tasty-worthy product! You will find ANYTHING: Rare sweets, jams, bio-sauces, “tahini” sweet crème (biological or regular), soya-made flour, buckwheat Zea etc.

There is also raw sugar, black and brown, coconut sugar, stevia and agave, olive oil, hempseed oil, sesame oil, linseed oil, molasses, carob honey, Samian honey, and honey from the Taygetos Mountain.

And there is more: Rice-based drinks, almonds, spices and teas in many varieties, and bulk legumes. The phrase “All Greece in a Shop” characterizes this grocery store!

Our professional staff will answer all your queries about our products, while, depending on your interests, our well-experienced staff will make appropriate suggestions.

The “Bakalino tis Plateias” (the “Grocery Store of the Square”): Tastes from Constantinople
Selected Traditional Cheeses made by Greek Producers

If you love cheese, you definitely want to taste cheeses from many different small-scale Greek producers: Kefalotiri cheese from Kefalonia Island, gruyere (based on goat milk), Cretan gruyere, long mature kefalotyri cheese, and feta-cheese aged in wooden oak barrel. You can also find distinguished and well-known Constantinopolitan delicacies such us lakerda, pastrami, soutzouki, smoked tongue, pastrami and salami, veal sausages and other goodies.

The highly professional staff of the store place emphasis on product quality and closely monitors the market in order to constantly update the showcases and keep its customers informed.

The “Bakalino tis Plateias” (the “Grocery Store of the Square”): Tastes from Constantinople
The picture is a scene from the movie “Politiki Kouzina”

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Η πολίτικη κουζίνα είναι μια κουζίνα για όλες τις εποχές του χρόνου, με φαγητά που παρασκευάζονται από φρέσκα και ποιοτικά υλικά, γεγονός που την καθιστά όχι βαρειά και πικάντικη όπως λανθασμένα ίσως πιστεύεται – κάτι που χαρακτηρίζει την Ανατολίτικη και Ασιατική κουζίνα, αλλά απεναντίας ελαφριά και χωρίς τα φρέσκα υλικά της να καλύπτονται από την έντονη χρήση μπαχαρικών.
Αιώνες τώρα τα φαγητά αυτά μαγειρεύονται δίχως πολύπλοκες σάλτσες, εμπλουτισμένα με καρυκεύματα της Άπω Ανατολής σε ισορροπημένες δόσεις, έτσι ώστε να ενσωματώνουν την Ευρωπαική γαστρονομία με τα προσφιλέστερα σε μας στοιχεία της Ανατολίτικης κουζίνας.