Welcome to the “Bizarre” world. In a world full of passion, dreams and creation!

“Bizarre” has spent the last 13 years addressing the woman that wants to keep track with fashion trends and stand out for her stylistic choices.

Our products consist mainly of female accessories such as handmade jewelry, but we also offer a large collection of DOCA women’s handbags and purses, all fully in line with international fashion trends.

“Bizarre” is the feminine fashion that excels!

Bizarre: Unique Women’s AccessoriesIn DOCA collections you’ll find an entire world full of style, ideas, solutions and incredible variety in handbags.

The “Greek Spirit” series travels from the deep blue of the sea to the white of the Greek Islands. The mottos of the series are “My Greek Island Home” and “Olive Branch with a Mediterranean Flair”. All the handbags and purses of the series are accompanied with impressive handmade decorations.

Bizarre: Unique Women’s Accessories

In all accessories you’ll find authentic materials such as silver, copper, steel, semi-precious stones, wool, cotton, silk, cashmere and leather.

All are handmade with the most modern designs and materials, always following the new trends in fashion.

Bizarre: Unique Women’s Accessories

“Bizarre’s” clothes are stylish, feminine and, at the same time, comfortable, without limiting female expression.

The collection is very often enriched with new trendy pieces. The choices you’ll make will be flexible and can be worn easily in the city or during your holidays.


In “Bizarre” you’ll find items made with love and craftsmanship. Items are all handmade by olive tree wood: Gifts and home decorations, kitchen accessories and toys for young and older children! The “ace” of the whole collection is the impressive Pythagoras Cup, made, for the first time, by elegant olive tree wood.
“Bizarre” creates unique pieces with special care and always with our own desires. All can be adapted to your place, your taste, but above all to our lives.

Craft made for a lifetime.

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