We must admit that the coffee-house “Hera” is serving the best traditional Greek coffee in Samos! But the real difference is made when they serve delicious snacks, especially from lunchtime onwards.

Hera” is one of the few coffee-houses in Greece which “transforms” into a traditional restaurant in no-time! You can start your day by drinking a delicious traditional Greek coffee, then pass to ouzo, souma cocktail and the finest of Samian wines. Then you get really “spoiled” by the friendly atmosphere you always expect to find in an authentic and traditional coffee-house. The cost is between € 5-10 per person.

Coffee-House “Hera”: Traditional Greek coffee, ouzo with appetizers, and a friendly atmosphere

Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present to you the most beautiful traditional coffee-house of the city!

Hera” is adorable and a well-known coffee-house in Samos. Tables are spread out in the small paved Pythagoras Square. It is one of the oldest coffee-houses in Vathi City.

People of all ages, from 20 to 70 years old, are gathering in “Hera”. Talks and words are “flying” from table to table, amidst an atmosphere of authenticity and tradition.

Mr. Kostas serves traditional Greek coffee from 8:00 in the morning, accompanied with delicious breakfasts including slices of freshly baked bread, butter, jam, honey, fried eggs, bacon, sausage and omelets even for vegetarians. Later on come alcoholic beverages accompanied with snacks, salads, and appetizers until late at night.

Coffee-House “Hera”: Traditional Greek coffee, ouzo with appetizers, and a friendly atmosphere
The tables in Pythagoras Square are available for sunny days, during summer or winter.

Taste the traditional Samian souma cocktail or ouzo accompanied with appetizers and enjoy the traditional Samian cuisine. “Hera’s” practice is to accompany every glass of ouzo with a DIFFERENT kind of appetizer! (The same practice is also applied in the city of Volos, located in mainland Greece). With the appropriate appetizers made by Mr. Kostas you can enjoy the taste of the best wines of Samos. Yet, souma cocktail and ouzo are the most preferable drinks!

Coffee-House “Hera”: Traditional Greek coffee, ouzo with appetizers, and a friendly atmosphere
Samian souma cocktail

Be prepared for a huge appetite! Visit “Hera” with friends and taste as many dishes as you can! Choose among delicious and home-made appetizers, salads, and traditional Greek cuisine. Finish off your meal or dinner with a nice drink and a delicious dessert.

Mr. Kostas is particularly proud for his Galaktomboureko (a traditional Greek dessert based on milk)! He uses a unique recipe. You must try it!

Customers of “Hera” living the place fully satisfied and happy with the services and the warm atmosphere.


We are waiting to serve you and make you spend your time with your friends nicely!
We are open daily from morning until night.

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Coffee-House “Hera” Tel. 22730-23858
Konstantinos Vourganas