“Frantzeskos” Distillery celebrates 100 years of life! Back in 1917 the founder, Panayiotis Frantzeskos, came to Samos from the opposite coast of Asia Minor and attempted to produce one of most famous and favorite Greek drinks: Ouzo.
“Frantzeskos” Distillery: 100 Years in the Top!

With him brought a unique recipe, turned all his interest and attention in the tender scent that combines alcohol and anise in a unique taste, and finally he established a house-made distillery in Vourlioton plains.

“Frantzeskos” Distillery

One hundred (100) years later, using the same traditional 1917 cauldrons, the descendants of Mr. Panayiotis follow the exact same recipe. The combination of many years of experience, excellence in knowledge, credibility, and consistency has placed “Frantzeskos” Distillery on an uptrend.

Nowadays, the 4th generation of owners, settled in a modern and privately owned distillery in Floka, shows the same passion. They follow the same and well-concealed family recipe, and through years of experience and technology, which coexists harmoniously with tradition, “Frantzeskos” Distillery produces the highest quality of Ouzo: “OUZO FRANTZESKOS”.


1ST: 111, Themistocles Sofoulis Avenue, Samos, Phone Number: 2273027470.
2ND: 8, Captain Stamatis Street, Pythagoras Square, Samos, Phone Number: 2273027251.
If you visit “Frantzeskos” Cellars, you’ll have the opportunity to see by yourself that all products are characterized by high aesthetic, elegance, and an excellent quality at very affordable prices!
“Frantzeskos” Cellars offer inexhaustible trails that will take you straight to the “magic” of Ouzo and wine through prestigious Greek and international labels and other choices for every taste: From the beloved sparkling world of beer, to a wide range of “intoxicating” suggestions of all kinds of alcoholic beverages and many alternative refreshing drinks and aromatic juices.

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“Frantzeskos” Distillery: 100 Years in the Top!

Ouzo is a traditional product, which is produced by distillation of fresh products. The basis of Ouzo is spirit made of grain, which is placed in copper vats and flavored during the process of distillation, with herbs and fruits, especially anise which gives Ouzo its characteristic flavor.

To make fine Ouzo is not an easy task. There are many parameters and conditions, the main of which are:

  • The recipe, the ingredients, the art and skill of the distiller, and the traditional distilling method.
  • Although there are many recipes with different aromas and tastes, the basic ingredients are two: Alcohol and aromatic seeds.

“Frantzeskos” Distillery: 100 Years in the Top!

Raw material: Pure alcohol (96% volume) made of agricultural sources (e.g. from the distillation of cereals, raisins, and especially molasses).

Distillation: The alcohol is distilled again, along with aromatic seeds added to the alembic (distillation pot). The seeds necessarily include anise.
The final distillate: The final distillate is called 100% distillate ouzo and can only be consumed diluted with water until it reaches 38-42% Alcohol by Volume (ABV).
Straight or on the Rocks? Ouzo is usually served in lanky glass with ice and a small amount of cold water (although some prefer it straight, thus stronger). The characteristic whitening of ouzo when water is added is due to anise.

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1ST: 111, Themistocles Sofoulis Avenue, Samos, Phone Number: 2273027470.
2ND: 8, Captain Stamatis Street, Pythagoras Square, Samos, Phone Number: 2273027251

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