“Heraion” coffee-house has become, for many years now, synonymous with Pythagoras Square and is the coffee-shop that do not need to mention by name when you heading for Pythagoras Square! It is suffice to say “Let’s go for a coffee”.

The ultimate “All Day” destination in Samos, with a timeless presence and a wide range and diversity in flavors, is called: “Heraion Alterno Café”.

The investment we have made in the field of taste classifies “Heraion” among the top destinations of Samos: During the morning for coffee and Club Sandwich, and in midday for appetizers, salads, beer, wine, or even souma cocktail.

It is an excellent place with impressive lighting, furniture, interior design and philosophy, open from morning till night. You gone like the modern interior design which gives you the motivation to end up in “Heraion” for a shopping break, your meetings, to relax with your friends, enjoy your party or a romantic private moment.

Enjoy karaoke!

And since we talk about parties … Do you want to try your talent but you don’t have the courage to participate in “The Voice” TV talent show; “Heraion” has the solution. Enjoy a karaoke night and don’t fear: You are not the only one who grabs the microphone and sings. Express yourself freely from a play-list that includes many-many songs: Greek and foreign, modern and old, pop and folk. The program begins at 22:00 every Thursday.

Greek music nights every Sunday

And if you believe that in “Heraion Alterno Café” nights are passing with monolithic stand-up comedies, be informed that every Sunday we organize Greek music nights. Grasp the opportunity to hear the Greek music soul. Greek nights begin at 20:00 every Sunday.

And if you like dancing “Heraion” invites you to dance Latin while watching the sea! So … Latin Parties every Tuesday!

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We are here on Pythagoras square!

Heraion alterno cafe

Pythagoras’s Square
Tel. (+30)22730-87488
email: ireon@hotmail.com

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