Are you Interested in advertising your business on SamosNet?
Dear friends and professionals of Samos: is a new website. Is an effort specifically designed and created in order to promote local market as well as to highlight the best shops and products available in Samos.

As you can see the page is in English, thus aiming to foreigners (visitors and tourists alike) who live or visit Samos. The goal is to present the quality of the local products, i.e. to promote consumption during summer and/or holiday periods.

Today tourism is a difficult and demanding business and our effort sought to attract more Greek and foreign visitors in order to increase the dynamics of the local market. cooperates with Ι, which is active for the last two years in the field of news coverage (mainly local news). Currently iSamos has more than 7.200 unique Facebook friends and over a thousand unique visitors on a daily basis.

Dear friends and professionals of Samos: is ready to host any advertisement of companies and businesses operating in Samos in exchange for a symbolic free!

We can host any business sector: Hotels, shops, agencies, etc.

The number of businesses under advertisement at any given time will be relatively small in order to constantly maintain the promotion rate at a high level. Our aim is to host the best businesses of Samos or those who have special offers to make.

Our advertising methods and practices are polymorphic (explained in a separate section) and depend upon the choices and the needs of the client.

As mentioned above the cost is symbolic. We opted for a low cost for two reasons: First in order to communicate our new concept and second in order to offer an attractive and affordable advertisement opportunity.

We kindly request that all Samian professionals who are interested to post an advertisement on should confirm, by telephone, their decision to work with us. We will happily discuss with them our services.

Sincerely, from
Paraskevi Pigatsioti
Phone Numbers: 6946506500, 6948890009

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