Ireon Beach Hotel is located in the beautiful and enchanting area of Heraion which in turn is located nearby the homonymous archaeological site, one of the 18 National Cultural Heritage Sites of Greece.

From the 3rd millennium BC many people and civilizations have inhabited Samos, this small Aegean Island near the Asia Minor coastline.
The ruins of Pythagorion, an ancient fortified harbor full of Greek and Roman monuments, the impressive aqueduct, and the Heraion (the temple of goddess Hera in Samos), are all open and accessible to the public.
The hotel is close to the main port and is famous for its picturesque architecture. The square in the beach is a meeting point for those who want to have a romantic walk and enjoy the amazing sunset or for those who want to take part in the nightlife of this small town. The many sites around the hotel, the wonderful beaches, and the beautiful village of Heraion, are only some of the reasons that will make you have the best vacations of your life!

Ireon Beach Hotel

• “Heraion Beach” Hotel is located in Heraion, 5 km west of Pythagorion, just 100 meters away from the sea.
• Heraion is one of the most beautiful and touristic destinations of Samos. It is a town that has been evolved into a cosmopolitan city with nearly perfect town- planning.
• During the summer months is full of life and motion, and offers numerous opportunities for luxurious and unforgettable vacations.

Ireon Beach Hotel• “Heraion Beach” Hotel consists of 15 rooms in total. A call center is available, while each room has sound system, washing machine and drier. An elevator is also available.
• The hotel’s bar and kitchen will make your stay much more comfortable and enjoyable.

Ireon Beach Hotel

• A Rock Music Festival is 0 km Away
• The Monastery of Megali Panagia (Great Blessed Virgin Mary) is 4,9 km Away
• The Aegean Natural History Museum is 5,1 km Away
• The Monastery of Timios Stavros (True Cross) is 5,4 km Away
• The Monastery of Panagia Spiliani (Blessed Virgin Mary of the Cave) is 5,8 km Away
• The Folklore Museum of the “Nikolaos Demetriou” Cultural Foundation of Samos is 6,1 km Away
• The Monastery of Hagia Triada (Saint Trinity) is 7,1 km Away
• The Port of Samos is 11,1 km Away

Ireon Beach HotelIn Heraion is located the temple where, according to tradition, the goddess Hera was born and raised and her sacred marriage with god Zeus took place. The temple is located 5 km from the city, on the east bank of Imvrasos River, between marshes and the sea. The Ancient Greeks (according to Herodotus) attributed its foundation to the people of Leleges and the Nymphs. In the marshes it was found the ancient statue of Hera, which was seen inside the temple and described by Pausanias.

Photographs from the entrance of the hotel

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