An “All Day” paradise in the city-center of Samos, nearby the sea: What else can you ask for?

“Joy” is a picturesque café with a modern and elegant design, located in the seaside of Vathi City. It opens from early morning and serves nice coffees, hot and cold chocolate drinks, and tea in different flavors, accompanied with special chocolate bars (“Bueno”, “Snowhite”, and “Passion”), sweet or salty crepes, toasts and sandwiches in a wide variety of tastes. “Joy’s” small waffles are a “must”: Offered in refined chocolate tastes of all categories (classic dark, milk, and white).

Joy:An “All Day” paradise in the city-center of SamosWhat about lunch?

“Joy” offers the best burgers in town, salads, club sandwiches and dishes made of juicy burgers, breaded chicken bites, chicken quesadilla, and fries with or without cheddar cheese or cheddar cheese and bacon. All made of fresh and carefully selected ingredients

Something to drink?

Joy:An “All Day” paradise in the city-center of SamosIn the evening hours you will certainly turn to wine, drinks or classic and well-known cocktails of unique recipes and impressive presentation on the glasses.
As time passes “Joy” fills more and more with every kind of peoples: Young or older with families. Its location is ideal to host any kind of group with the sea in close range.


Choosing between the best of the Italian confectionery tradition, “Eraclea” presents ten (10) refined tastes from all three main chocolate categories: Classic, dark, milk and white.

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JOY Food & Coffee
Themistokli Sofouli 37 Samos Greece
Tel. 2273 089770

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