If common thinks bothers you or if you want to make a difference, come to “Kailas-Ideas” Store. Is a store that shows you how to get dressed properly and how to answer the question “Where did you get it?”

Handmade clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories transform your style, turn back time and move around the city of Samos as hidden yet original “secrets”. “Kailas-Ideas” Store offers the opportunity to shop something beautiful either for yourself or to make a nice gift to your loved ones.

Kailas Ideas: Jewelry, Accessories, Fabrics

Fabric is a material with which you can create the cloths of your dreams. At “Kailas-Ideas” Store you’ll find fabrics for all seasons of the year in a wide variety of colors and designs.

Our collection consists of many types of fabric such as: Gabardine, poplin, satin silk or synthetic etc.

Jewelry is the best friend of women, 24/7! From necklaces to rings, in “Kailas-Ideas” Store you’ll find the most beautiful jewels in the market: Swarovski and the timeless Oxette to add glamour and style to your look and underline your feminine side as well as the well-known jewelries made by Loisir, Pilgrim, Timberland and JCou.
High quality watches and accessories that meet all the needs of the modern and elegant women, men and children.


Our clothes touch the body, apply perfectly on it, and can be modified easily and at will. Long skirts and dresses, as well as embroidered fabrics in unexpected and unique combinations that cannot be characterized as unattractive, because are alternative and artistic, thus can easily change your style.

Our cloths are coming in earthly colors and soft textures, especially Denim, all made by companies such as Namasté, FeelCute, Colores and others.

Castaner espadrilles have become the symbol of the elegant and sophisticated style all over the world.

In “Kailas-Ideas” Store you’ll find Disaster Designs, a company that creates special and unique accessories and gifts in retro or fairytale style with many handmade details. Unique English design, bags and wallets out of the ordinary, each one has a unique story to tell.

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Kailas Ideas: Jewelry, Accessories, FabricsKailas Ιdeas – Jewelry, Accessories, Fabrics
Themistokli Sofouli 41 Vathi Samos
Tel. 22730-24770 and 22730-23410


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