Our place in Kampos

Restaurant “Cleopatra”
Kampos, Marathokampos Samos
Open: Every day
13.00-17.00 and 20.00-24.00.
Tel. 2273 037278

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In the center of Kambos Marathokambos you’re welcomed to the restaurant and ouzo bar “Cleopatra”. Overlooking the endless blue of the Aegean Sea, Cleopatra’s homemade food makes it the ideal place for swimming and eating.

The atmosphere is warm and friendly. You’ll immediately feel the atmosphere of an old tavern, with its wooden tables, the blue painted walls and the clean environment.

The Beach

At “Cleopatra” Restaurant you can spend nicely many hours of your day.
The long beach of Kampos Marathokambos is at your feet and in the deep and cool waters of the Aegean Sea you can always enjoy a nice swim.
In the comfortable sun loungers you can enjoy coffee or refreshment before or after your swim. Serenity and tranquility will come into your mind and body as you gaze at the endless blue Aegean Sea.

Restaurant & Ouzo Bar: “Cleopatra”

For the last ten (10) years “Cleopatra’s” restaurant has managed to create and established a hospitable and family-like place. The traditional recipes of Ms. Cleopatra are a heritage, inherited by her mother and her grandmother, as well as from other cooks she met in Samos and in other parts of Greece. In order to achieve the desired delicious outcome, she uses indispensable fresh ingredients produced by small farmers and producers of Samos.

Restaurant & Ouzo Bar: “Cleopatra”

The restaurant remains a classic preference for those who adore home-made dishes in Marathokambos. Indeed, is a unique case of a restaurant that hosts all sorts of people, while its food remains a “standard” value for many years.
Stewed, baked lamb, casserole meat in tomato souse and fried fries, stuffed vegetables (typically tomatoes and green pepper stuffed wife rise and herbs), moussaka and many other delicacies “jumps out” every day from Cleopatra’s kitchen, which has never disappointed anyone.

Restaurant & Ouzo Bar: “Cleopatra”Through a constantly updated wine list, which includes some of the best wines of Samos and Greece, you can choose the wine, which will suitably accompany your dish. You’ll also find nice bottled beers, made in Greece, and the “necessary” ouzo or souma lunch-break (Parking is a bit difficult but not impossible in our busy neighborhood).

Restaurant & Ouzo Bar: “Cleopatra”

The proximity of the beach, from the restaurant, provides you with the convenience of enjoying your dish either in the beach or in the tables. The beach area, which is available to “Cleopatra” restaurant, is gorgeous with sun loungers and the beneficial sun above. You can enjoy your omelet breakfast, a variety of appetizers, cheeses, seafood or meat.

Restaurant & Ouzo Bar: “Cleopatra”
Σπήλαιο Πυθαγόρα

During summer Kampos Marathokambos turns into a “village” full of life and motion. You can find many interesting thinks and intense nightlife and you can visit the surrounding areas. For example you can visit the Cave of Pythagoras, Ormos Marathokambos and, a little further, the picturesque villages of Kallithea and Drakaioi.

The traditional cooking technique and the grilled food are skillfully married and the dilemma “cooked or roasted meat or fish” will make you… undecided. But one think is for sure: Everything will leave you excited.
Our spacious hall is also available for events!