“Kreatosinantisi” (literally “Meat-meeting” or “Meat-2-meet”) is located at Kanari Street (Fanaria) and awaits for your daily… meat shopping. With the first glance you’ll immediately realize that you have come to the right place!

“Meat-2-meet” has completely fresh, locally produced (Greek) and quality meat. We are absolutely certain that our products, the excellent service and low prices will satisfy even the most demanding customer.

“Meat-2-meet” serves customers in store, while offers a delivery service at home. Professionals can also profit from wholesale deals and agreements (deliveries to professionals are made by our own truck-refrigerator).


Kreatosinantisi : Fresh Greek MeatVeal: Noir (Eye of Round), Chuck, Thigh, Shank, Steaks, Chuck Bone-In, Bon Fillet, Rolls, Sausages, Schnitzel.

Pork: Thigh, Steaks, Belly (Streaky Bone-Out), Belly (Streaky Bone-In), Knuckle of Ham, Tenderloin, Rolls, Minced Meat, Schnitzel, Sausages.
Sheep and Lamb, Goat and Kid, Zigouri (lamp younger than 2 years old): We have high quality products, because we make a strict selection of meat, so our customers can enjoy quality and low prices.

Kreatosinantisi : Fresh Greek MeatHand-made Products: Burgers, Souvlaki (Skewer), kokoretsi (a Greek savoury Easter dish), Pork and Chicken Gyros (chopped grilled meat used to make Souvlaki), Pork and Chicken Kebab, Tigania (chopped meat cooked in pan).
And Something Else: For those who prefer something else in meat:
Pork: Head
Veal: Liver, Tongue, Cheeks, Tail, Tripe, Belly, Feet and Calf Head
Lamb: Liver, Intestines, Sweetbreads, Belly, Feet
Poultry: Chicken and Turkey
Chicken: Rolls, Legs, Fillet, Schnitzel
Turkey: Legs, Fillet

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Kreatosinantisi : Fresh Greek MeatFresh Greek Meat
Giannis Levisianos
Kanari Street, Samos
Phone Number: 2273300261
Cell Phone Number: 6948516661
Working Hours: 07:30-15:30 and in the afternoons, in regulated working hours

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“Kreatosinadisi” initiates its cooperation with “SamosNet” website. Hence, on a daily basis, we’ll keep you informed about our products and offers. We’ll also prepare many surprises for you!
Why? “Because when you know how to eat, you only eat Levisianos meat”

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