Little Seitani beach is located in northwest coastline, next to Karlovasi.

It is accessible only by foot. The road leading to the beach is a harsh and narrow path, difficult for someone to locate!
The problem is that locals repeatedly place signs pointing at the entrance of the path, but quite often others, locals or tourists, remove or cover the signs, so visitors can easily lose their way. In any case, walking, depending on the pace, takes about half an hour. When you walk be careful because the path is really bumpy. However, the landscape is fantastic and the beach itself compensate for the whole effort.
The beach is not organized and you must carry with you all you need including a lot of drinking water! The sea is crystal clear and colorful, the surrounding cliffs are majestic, and… camera is an absolute necessary!

The beach is covered with beautiful pebbles, while the seabed is rocky (a huge stone slab is situated on the seabed’s left side). When the sea is wavy, which is an often phenomenon, be careful when you swim, especially on the right side, of the sharp rocks and the tall cliffs. It is likely that you’ll see camping tents and nudists who enjoy swimming alone.

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