Opticon Store (Mrs. Vicky Grillou): It’s all about Sight!Opticon applies SMART CENTERING advanced technology, which allow for the depiction of your new glasses, including the lenses, before construction or purchase!

Opticon Store (Mrs. Vicky Grillou): It’s all about Sight!

Bring your old frame and in 10 minutes it will look like a new one, thanks to the new Ultrasonic system we use for just € 5 and delivery within 10 minutes!

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Opticon Store already counts many years of experience and is located in one of the most central street of Samos.

Opticon is active in the fields of modern and stylish sunglasses, as well as in eyeglasses, which require specialized knowledge, professionalism and trust.


OptikonOur sunglasses are tested and certified for the safety of its lenses.
Our sunglasses are available with conventional lenses, mirror lenses, lenses with internal coatings and polarized lenses. All are equally absorbent and safe for the eyes. Opticon has a large collection of sunglasses, all in accordance with international safety and absorption standards. Well-known optic houses such as Channel, Bulgary, Vogue, Ray Ban and Prada guarantee high quality.

For children’s very sensitive eyes, trust Opticon for protection and safety and brands like Ray Ban Junior, Centro Style and many more.


For eyeglasses, all lenses come with warranty and certification. Before you choose your eyeglasses, first you have to discuss your situation with the professional optician and owner of Opticon, Mrs. Vicky Grillou: For example, a different kind of multifocal lenses is needed by an architect, while a driver has totally different needs.

Opticon has more than 2.000 frames of all kinds and types ranging from € 20, as well as frames made by well-known companies like Channel, Prada, Bulgary, Ray Ban, Ferragamo and more.

Science on your side!

Photos from the collection of Ray Ban

Opticon Store (Mrs. Vicky Grillou): It’s all about Sight!

For the proper and correct application of contact lenses, special measurements are required, made by specialized equipment, which Opticon operates completely free of charge.

Opticon Store (Mrs. Vicky Grillou): It’s all about Sight!

No more blurred sight when in the pool or at sea. Sea masks are also available, all made according to your specific needs and requirements (degrees), as well as swimming glasses with myopia and hyperopia degrees ranging from 1 to 8!

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Optikon Viky Grylloy
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Vathi Samou Til. 22730 22188
Opticon Store (Mrs. Vicky Grillou): It’s all about Sight!