Pythais Hotel, which is located in Pythagorion of Samos, is a small and beautiful family hotel centrally located just outside the town-center of Pythagorion.

Its name literally means sacred procession. Its location, on the Holy Road that leads from Heraion to Pythagorion, is directly linked to the sacred procession, sent by the Athenians to Delphi in honor of the God Pythian Apollo.

"Pythais Hotel" (Pythagorion, Samos)

The hotel is housed in a traditional stone building. There are seven (7) rooms available, from single to triple. At the large reception room (free Wi-Fi is available), guests can enjoy their breakfast, coffee or drink.
A spacious and beautiful garden is also available, ideal for relaxation, rest or sunbathing all day long.
Pythais Hotel is located 100 meters from the nearby beach and is open all year round.

"Pythais Hotel" (Pythagorion, Samos)

All rooms are recently refurbished, clean, and specious, while offer the tranquility you’re looking for.

The owners, Giorgos and Titia Kontaxis, are always willing to assist and serve you, in order to make your stay memorable.

Κάστρο Λογοθέτη

For all rooms
⦿ Air-condition
⦿ Internet
⦿ Telephone
⦿ Refrigerator
⦿ Television
⦿ Safe Box
⦿ Balconies overlooking the Castle of Polycrates or the walls of the ancient city of Pythagorion.

"Pythais Hotel" (Pythagorion, Samos)

The hotel is located within walking distance of almost all the cultural achievements of Samos!

The Tunnel of Eupalinos or Epaulinian Aqueduct, the Ancient Theater, the Lycurgus Logothetis Castle, the Pythagorion, the Roman Aqueduct, and within five kilometers, the Heraion and ancient temple of Goddess Hera, a declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

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"Pythais Hotel" (Pythagorion, Samos)Pythais Hotel
Lykourgou Logotheti 126
Pythagorio Samou
Til: 22730-61526  697 468 3399

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