A promotion video about “Terpsis” (located in Vathy City) starts with the following words: “Welcome to Terpsis. In here we gladly “bake”, on a daily basis, your desire for unique and traditional tastes, salty and sweet, while the aroma of the freshly brewed coffee we serve accompany your day…”

This video motivated our curiosity to visit the place!

In “Terpsis” we saw what a professional can do if he has an original passion for his job! And we mention it as example of good business which was been created in order to stay in the market and not to perish!

“Terpsis” is the kind of business which serves as an example for business amateurs. All business amateurs must understand well and get loaded to their heads that if they are not serious in their efforts, they will perish…!

Because the financial investment counts less than the respect for the customer!

Go to “Terpsis” and you will immediately feel respected! Gentle voices and professional behavior! Then take a look at the store, its premises, and products: Without any sort of exaggeration, “Terpsis” shares similarities with “Sweet Alchemy” (located in Kolonaki, Athens) or “Fresh” (located in Psychiko and Glyfada, Athens). “Terpsis is your place of flavors and enjoyment. Fresh sandwiches with different kinds of quality cheese and sausages are offered daily. It is not a coincidence, it’s a loving daily routine for us”, the video states…


“All of us working in “Terpsis” have only one aim: To prepare in no-time, any of your gastronomic choices: From hot cakes, delicious sweets, treats, and scones to freshly baked croissants. A special corner in “Terpsis” is reserved for our traditional products. Moreover, in “Terpsis” we can help you organize your special events and celebrations!”

“Terpsis” means nice tastes and top quality. This is our passion! After all you can acknowledge this by yourself. All our products are made by companies with HACCP and ISO certification. Some of these companies are listed below:


“Terpsis” also has and offers a delivery services from 7:00 to 23:00. Call us in 2273081004 and 6987929050 (for What’s up Service users).

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See our website:  www.terpsis-samos.gr

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