The new website is a new “meeting place” for the local market of Samos, ready to explore market opportunities or business offers!

The whole idea behind is based on an almost daily e-mail circulation sent to the registered members of (aka the .net). The e-mails will include every new product and offer available in the local market of Samos. host the best businesses of Samos, i.e. those with the best offers to make and the best services to provide, with great market opportunities, newly arrived products on fashion and beauty, coffee-shops and bars, restaurants and the unique traditional tastes of Samos.

Our site will also cover activities and events that require attention, including everything that one can see or do in Samos throughout the year.

The .net is intended to remind people living or visiting Samos all landmarks and attractions of Samos and, in particular, all the newly created business efforts that deserve our support, especially in such a difficult economic period.

By visiting our website (professionals or not) your daily life will become more interesting and exciting!

  • Market professionals:
  • Will have the unique opportunity to advertise their businesses, on a daily basis, via an effective e-mail campaign and promote their business interests. This way they will always keep market interest alive, while at the same time they will communicate directly with their customers, current and future.
  • (Note that today our mailing list includes some 3.000 professionals, locals and non-locals, Greeks and foreigners. Also our Facebook friends now numbers over 7.200 unique people, while more people join us every day.)
  • visitors, when registered, they will soon be surprised positively, since they will receive e-mails on new product, discounts or offers, plus all news regarding events, entertainment, culture and social life of Samos.

Enter your name and your e-mail and enjoy the exciting world of the .net!