My Falsophy Pythagoras Square
Valhi Samos tel. 22734.00835
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“My Falasophy Hummus Bar” is a new “hangout” promising intense flavors, tastes, and dishes from the Far East.

“Falasophy” is located in Pythagoras Square. It is an authentic version for all those who wish to enjoy true falafels made of traditional cooking.

Our dishes are suitable for those seeking proper nutrition, both on a daily basis or during fasting days, since we offer an integrated gastronomic solution for the days of fasting.
Most of our dishes are based on chickpeas and fresh ingredients made in front of the customer eyes since we are an open cousin (i.e. a Hummus Bar).

See our dishes on the menu: “My Falsophy Helthy Hummus Bar”

Lebanese Cuisine - "My Falasophy" Helthy Hummus BarIt consists of chickpeas, yoghurt, caramelized nuts and crispy pieces of Arabian pie.

In addition to the abovementioned original recipe, there is the “Fatteh”, which is made of juicy chicken and minced beef. It is accompanied with pickles, onion, tomato, and sweet pepper.

Lebanese Cuisine - "My Falasophy" Helthy Hummus Bar

Hummus is a creamy salad used in the Middle East along with Arabian pie.

Traditionally is made of tahini (a Middle Eastern paste or sauce made from ground sesame seeds) and chickpeas, lemon and olive oil plus various spices.

There is also hummus made of chicken or beef and served with parsley and sumac.

Lebanese Cuisine - "My Falasophy" Helthy Hummus Bar

Falafel” is a well-known food since the Ancient Times and is one of the most traditional and delectable meals in the wider Eastern Mediterranean region. Delicious and nutritious, crispy outside and juicy inside, is made of fried chickpeas, spices rich in flavor, sauce, and fresh vegetables wrapped in Arabic pie. Quick to make? Yes! Healthy? Definitely yes!

Lebanese Cuisine - "My Falasophy" Helthy Hummus Bar

“Falafel” sandwiches are made of tomato, cucumber, fresh lettuce, pickles, turnip, and salad of your choice (based on tahini), wrapped in Arabic pie.

There are two types of Falafel sandwiches: “Giant” and “Pocket”.

Lebanese Cuisine - "My Falasophy" Helthy Hummus Bar

Another option is salads made of fresh vegetables, such as tomato, onion, cucumber, radish, lettuce, and others less known ingredient. In the picture you can see a “Tabouleh” which is based on groats, fresh parsley, tomato, onion and olive oil.

There is also the “Fattoush” salad made of crunchy Arabian pie, chopped tomatoes, cucumber, radish, lettuce, parsley, slippers, sweet pepper, onion, peppermint, sumac and pomegranate moon!

“Falafel” is a traditional Arabic food. Basically is made of chickpeas or split peas croquettes and is regarded as a “street food”. The origin of “falafel” is controversial. According to the most common story, originates in Egypt where it was consumed by the Christian Copts as a replacement of meat during the days of fasting. Since Alexandria had a large and busy port, “falafel” probably “traveled”, quickly and easily to the Middle East, where split peas were replaced by chickpeas.