“Spyros” patisserie is a landmark for Samos, from the grandfather to grandson! Incessant love, timeless sweet tastes and new… blood in the course of the business.

“Spyros” patisserie is well known to the older inhabitants of the city. Is the place where we used to go in order to taste, in many cases without remorse, the wonderful sweets and ice creams we saw in the showcases and we wanted all!

"Spyros" Patisserie: The Taste of Happiness

Many generations have grown up with handmade ice creams, with puddings and galactoboureka enjoying the unique recipes of the grandfather. All these have a special place in the hearts of all Samians.

Nowadays “Spyros” patisserie is regarded as one of the best patisseries in Greece!

Our efforts have bear fruits and lead to the establishment of one of the finest patisseries. A “gem” where the process of making dozens of sweets makes it an example to follow.

Art and tradition were married in a patisserie where pastries really write history.

"Spyros" Patisserie: The Taste of HappinessMelomakarona (traditional Greek delight for Christmas, based on flour, semolina and honey) kourabiedes (traditional Greek delight for Christmas, based on flour, nuts and powdered sugar), small apple pies, homemade tasty treats made of fresh ingredients.

Chocolate temptations, pastries and cakes that make you… “melt”

"Spyros" Patisserie: The Taste of Happiness

Chocolates in many different versions and flavors, colorful ice cream and buckets with homemade ice cream, bezedes (based on meringue), glasses full of candies, syrup-based sweets, chocolate treats in fantastic silver papers, and fantastic “naked” (kok, sou, Éclair, cornets, hionoules).

"Spyros" Patisserie: The Taste of HappinessCakes that accompany the sweetest moments of your life. Add a delicious touch to your wedding day by choosing “Spyros” patisserie for your wedding cake or impress the guests in your child’s Christening.

"Spyros" Patisserie: The Taste of HappinessCakes • Birthday Cakes • Wedding Cakes • Pastry • Syrup-based sweets • Treats • Chocolates • Pound Cakes • Cookies • Cheese pies • Ice Creams • Seasoned Sweets • Christenings.

The fluffy sandwich cream and the crispy puff pastry produce the smoother smile on your face.

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“Spyros” Sweets
Weddings, Christenings, Engagements, Birthdays, Catering
Tel: 22730 80974, 22440
e-mail: spyrosstavrakisoe@yahoo.gr

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“Spyros” Patisserie is known not only for its delicious tastes but also for the excellent quality and the fresh ingredients. All our products are made with love. The goal is to “sweeten” you, besides is well known that a little chocolate or a well-made sweet adds to the mood.

Dozens of sweets! (You cannot try it here!)

A video presentation of our production area