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"Grigoris Snacks" in Pythagoras Square has become our HangoutPythagora’s Square, Vathi Samos
Τel. 22730 87788
Ώρες λειτουργίας:
7:00 έως 23:00

"Grigoris Snacks" in Pythagoras Square has become our HangoutMonday – Friday 7:00-20:00
Saturday, Sunday 7:00-17:00
Τelephone: 22730 87788

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For all of us who are looking for a short break while enjoying a quality coffee or a delightful beverage, “Grigoris Snacks” is the right place, at Pythagoras Square. Hot or cold, regular or decafeine, single or XL, Greek, Espresso or Filter, all coffees are made with a unique ritual and are enjoyed by many people every day.

Pythagoras Square has always been a meeting point for the residents and the visitors of Vathi City of Samos. Our hangout is “Grigoris” and we enjoy it!

Our choices are plenty: During winter we’re crowded in the tables inside. In good weather, we stand outside in the square and gaze around. When temperature is high we can enjoy out time in the cool narrow street with passing by strangers “touching” us when we enjoy our coffee!

Oh! We said coffee! The “flagship” of “Grigoris” products is its truly magical coffee, which is offered at a very competitive price.

“Grigoris Snacks” is the largest Greek business network for snacks and coffee. In Samos it started in 2005, as the first coffee and catering store: The owners utilize their experience and the prestige of “Grigoris Snacks” franchise, offer snacks, pies, cheese, kasseri (Greek cheese) and spinach pies, coffees and beverages and give customer a sense of quality and authenticity, care and taste, as well as enjoyment. This is how we feel, anyway!

If you suddenly get attracted by the warmth of home or work (…joke), call our DELIVERY SERVICE! All the above-mentioned delicacies and the smell of coffee will be right at your doorstep! The phone number is 2273087788 by the way!

Γρηγόρης Μικρογεύματα, Σάμος

“Grigoris” has earned a place in our everyday life. Because it offers a wide variety and range of traditional tastes and flavors and new products, which cover most of your nutritional preferences: Cold and hot, freshly made and baked, sandwiches and fluffy, freshly baked, pies made off fine recipes and fresh ingredients.