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Traditional Coffee & Appetizers Shop
Ano Vathi, Samos
Phone Number: 2273028011
Cell Phone Number: 6936979184

Opening Hours: Daily from 08:30 to Late at Night

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“Konaki” beacons the tastes of our region and is inextricably linked to local gastronomic tradition, although in character resembles a traditional tsipouro shop of Volos.

This is because once you sit down to the table and order your preferred drink, tsipouro, ouzo, wine or beer, the delicious appetizers (meze in Greek) follow immediately, exclusively made by local meats and seafood fished by Samian kayiks (small-size traditional Greek fishing-boats)!

Tsipouro, souma and wine come from small local producers, while the appetizers, which accompany the traditional Greek “cheers” gesture (clinking of the glasses) and the conversation among friends are all homemade, traditional and based on the tasteful creations of “Konaki”, which was established with the sole purpose to make an everlasting impression in Samos.


From early morning you can enjoy a nice coffee.

The interior of “Konaki” is small but nice and retains the features of an old traditional coffee shop: Small tables, benches, wooden shelves on the wall, old kitchen utensils and some old pictures on the walls will turn you back to older times.

Taste the delicious appetizers and let your imagination take you to authentic Greek streets of the Mediterranean Samian cuisine. The visit will be unforgettable.

Don’t forget to make your reservation before it is too late!

Tasty options change daily, since no written menu exists! We’ll suggest a few but tasty choices, on a daily basis, according to your choice of drink. There are snacks and appetizers for tsipouro, ouzo and wine. Note that regularly the spit is on… fire with local meats such as piglets, goats, etc.