The .net is an ambitious attempt to promote the best goods and services available in Samos. The format is simple and easy to use!

The .net is a free e-mail service, which will be sent to all registered persons, with the best market offers available in the local market of Samos! By saying “the best market offers” we mean exclusive offers for services, great offers for goods, presentation of newly established shops, stores, and products, news and special offers on fashion and beauty, coffee-shops and bars, restaurants and traditional Samian tastes.

The .net will also include local news and information on activities, events as well as suggestions on what you can do in Samos throughout the year.

The .net is intended to remind people, living and visiting Samos, all landmarks and attractions of Samos and, in particular, all the newly created business efforts that deserve our support, especially in such a difficult economic period.

Just follow two simple steps:

First step:

Complete your free registration in the following form by typing your e-mail address and soon our website will surprise you positively: We will sent you an e-mail with all the new ideas (aka the .net), thus making your life in Samos more interesting and exciting.

Second step: Recommend a .net!

If your business or company is or can be a “.net”, fill the form and we will promote it!

If you discover a “.net” in Samos, let us now and will we promote it on your behalf!

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