Mykali Beach: It is one of the longest beaches of South Samos.

“Mykali” Beach is located in the southeastern coastline and took its name from the mountain on the opposite side of the coast (nowadays Asian Minor, Turkey). It is one of the longest beaches of Samos (approximately 3 km long) and extends east of “Psili Ammos” beach.
The coast is clean and the waters are rather cold, due to the currents flowing in the narrow strait between Samos (Greece) and the opposite Asian Minor coast (Turkey).

It attracts many people, mostly foreign tourists, who enjoy the sun and the sea all day long. Alongside the beach hotels and restaurants are available, which, along with beach umbrellas and the beach beds create “crowded” places. However, you can also find isolated and quite places, were visitors can be alone with the sea!

The beach has many fans, Greeks and foreigners alike, most of which visit Samos over and over again for many years! Restaurants and taverns serve tasty and cheap food, but in some places beach umbrellas and beach beds are rented. Available for rent are also wind-surf boards, canoes, jet skis and other boats. The sea is shallow, always wave free, and covered with small pebbles, while the seabed is covered with sand. Many people use to look for shells, which can be found in abundant especially where the wave breaks. If you don’t visit “Mykali” beach, you’ll miss one of the most remarkable beaches of Samos!

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