Local handcrafted organic cosmetics & herbal remedies have found their way to the market for good.

Inside Greece & out, Orpheus-bio is conquering with its approachable prices.
Orpheus-bio is a family orientated business which sells local handcrafted organic cosmetics & herbal remedies for women, men and children.
Orpheus-bio uses local  and organic ingredients coming from Samos.
You can find the lab and together with the store placed in Pythagorion.

Orpheus-bio sells local handcrafted organic cosmetics & herbal remedies

If you want to find health and beauty coming out of ancient wisdom and knowledge then Orpheus-bio is the place you got to find.

Cosmetics and herbal remedies made from and out of the samian soil, essential oils, bees wax, propolis and many other pure ingredients which the products are made from.
Fresh herbs cut all the year around  at the right time of day to ensure the highest possible therapeutic effect.
In love and respect to the father of (healing) medicine Hippocrates we revive old and forgotten remedies.

So when you should need your next facial cream or any other product for face and body go for a klick at www.orpheus-bio.eu
Give your order and enjoy  the special offers!

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