Papageorgiou Paraskevas and Cocompany and its owner, the Mechanical Engineer Mr. Paris Papageorgiou, is active since 2004 in and field of electromechanical applications.

We undertake studies, installations and sell electromechanical applications for heating, plumbing, air conditioning and electrical installations.

Our company is the exclusive representative in Samos of many well-known heating and pumping companies such as “ATMOS” (wood boilers), “EDILKAMIN” (fireplaces), “GRUNFOS” (pumps), “MALTEZOS” (solar) and many more.

Our company is active in the field of individual and central heating and provides reliable services and high quality products. We cooperate with the largest and most important companies in the fields of heating, water and energy, thus we gain the trust of more and more professionals.

“Our philosophy is to provide high quality products in the fields of heating and water supply using the know-how and the experience we have accumulated over time. In addition, we aspire our services to offer a solutions to every technical issue and problem with respect to man and the environment”, says the owner, Mr. Paris Papageorgiou.

Our company has specialized workshops and undertakes all kinds of mechanical and electrical work with the guidance of its experienced mechanical engineers.

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Papageorgiou Paraskevas : Heating, Plumbing, and Air ConditioningPapageorgiou Paris
Kanari and Em. Sofouli, Samos
Τelephone: 22730 27537

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