Paschalis Decor Department Store is a real surprise for the Island of Samos. It could belong to the category of fantastic fairy tales, i.e. where everything was created with a magic touch, but unfortunately there is no such category.

“Paschalis Décor” Department Store is ranked to the home and decoration category and after a long and successful course in the Samian market (since 1999) moved to a state-of-the-art space in a privately-owned building in Varela of Samos.

Paschalis Decor : Defines the Beauty of our Home

The three-story store, with its spacious parking, is a place of every detail and aesthetics and is an integrated market solution for selected product categories such as gifts, crystals, porcelains, lights, linen and fabrics. You’ll find a great collection of selected kitchen items and small electrical appliances, a huge exhibition of furniture, small furniture, garden furniture, paintings, as well as a collection of “Kraft” colors, tools, lamps and more that you need to explore.

“Paschalis Décor” products have an “opinion” and style, originality and meaningful usability. In a wide range of prices, they can meet the needs of young people as well as the trends of modern times.

Paschalis Decor : Defines the Beauty of our Home

Paschalis Decor : Defines the Beauty of our Home
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We recently visited “Paschalis Décor” and we felt that really we got into a fairy tale! Everything was perfectly, magical, and looked like were made by Disneyland!

The 756 Megapixel resolution (so they say) of our eye was “filled” and “emptied” over and over again from home and decoration items! We tried to depict the products in just 30 photographs. We made it; you’ll tell us!

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Paschalis Decor : Defines the Beauty of our HomeSamos – Pythagorio Street
Varela Samos
Tel. 22730 25279

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Paschalis Decor

“Paschalis Décor” Department Store is a bright example of prestige and innovation for the Samian market and it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to rank it amongst the best stores of its kind all over Greece. The family and this well-functioning business has set a constant goal: To meet the needs of the costumer and provide reliable services based on knowledge, consistency and sensitivity.

Three floors with colour, intensity, style and light to your place

At the ground floor you’ll find “Kraft” which is one of the largest companies in the field of painting. You’ll certainly find what you need to convert your home according to your wishes and preferences. You’ll find many solutions for indoor and outdoor use.

You’ll find all types of kitchen and bathroom tools you are looking for, even those you actually need but you don’t even know that exist. You’ll also find a wide range of “IONIA” products of glasses, cutlery, kitchenware and table accessories.

Add color, intensity, style and light to your place with vases, candlesticks, frames, watches, lights, seasonal furniture, mirrors, photo albums and many more decorative items.

Discover products made of glass, iron, wood and porcelain from well-known companies such as: “InArt”, “Click Your Home”, “Viometale 4home”. Combine with high quality linen made by companies such as: “Guy Laroche”, “Pierre Cardin”, “Saint Clair”, “SB Concept”, “Beauty Home” and make the home you’ve always dreamed of!

The style of your home shall resemble paradise! It is where you live, work, love, play and dream! On the 2nd floor of “Paschalis Décor” Department Store, you’ll turn your home into a paradise!

Because you’ll find a great range and variety of beautiful, big or small, furniture for your every need.

Living rooms, dining tables, beds, wardrobes, bedside tables, consoles, TV furniture, auxiliary tables, offices and a dozens of other functional solutions for a sophisticated and comfortable personal space. Classic, Modern, Minimal, Country/Vintage furniture for all tastes.