At “Pen’s Art” store, which is located at Heraion Square, you’ll find a wide variety of handmade and unique wooden pens and pencils.

Our handmade creations are well known and stand out for their exceptional quality, while are available in various modern designs for all tastes: A beautiful gift for your friends, your colleagues or yourself in beautiful gift boxes and unique designs.

Pen’s Art: Handmade Pens, Jewelries & Accessories

All our products are made by natural wood (olive, platanus, rosewood, walnut, white and black Ebony), while its spare parts are made by stainless steel in black or gold color.

Materials, which possess the purity of the earth itself from which originate, create magnificent pieces of unique aesthetics, truly distinguished objects.

Wood’s textures create the unexpected appearance of a sophisticated and unique luxury.

The history of “Pen’s Art” store dates back to 1986. In our workshop, with love and years of experience in wood construction, the wooden pens and pencils are created.

The mechanisms are plating in 24 Karat of gold, silver, chrome and copper. All pens can accept spare ink cartridges.
The business owner selects and collects wood from the Island of Samos and creates unique utilities and useful objects.

At “Pen’s Art” you’ll also find jewelries and accessories in gold and silver.


Pen's Art at Ireon

Pen’s Art: Handmade Pens, Jewelries & AccessoriesHandmade Pens
Ireon Samos
Open: 09:00 – 23:00
Tel. 693 139 4847

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