Taste “Pizza di Piazza”. We did it and “melted”, like mozzarella does, from the very first bite we tasted. So we decided to share with you this … ultimate Italian “sin”!

“Pizza di Piazza” will always be the first choice for lunch or dinner, since there is nothing more delightful than to share with your friends a delicious pizza and a nice glass of wine.

“Pizza di Piazza”: An absolute Italian “sin”!
Pizza margherita

Our professional and specialiststaff prepares, before your eyes, all kinds of traditional Italian pizzas and peinirlis, cheese breads, baked pastas and daily specials that you will adore for sure!

The choices and the options before you are numerous. That’s why we make no suggestions. It’s all up to you

“Pizza di Piazza”: An absolute Italian “sin”!
Pizza with four Cheeses

Pizzas are not only baked in special wooden ovens which are prominently positioned inside the store, but also are made with true Italian temperament! The menu “dictates”pizza with four cheeses plus fresh mozzarella cheese and prosciutto, and margherita pizza, the most favorite pizza of all, with authentic Italian flavor!

Of course, you can order your own pizza with your favorite ingredients and enjoy it in private … or with your other half!

“Pizza di Piazza”: An absolute Italian “sin”!

In any case, you certainly realize, in every bite you taste, why “Pizza di Piazza”is one of its kind and unique! Prices are reasonable, all ingredients are fresh and carefully selected, and the pizza dough is made of original and traditional Italian recipe with an incredibly thin and crispy base.

Combine your favorite pizzas or pastas in “Pizza di Piazza” with some of the most delicious salads:“belle Italiana”, “Di Piazza” or “Caesar’s”, or any other taste your appetite “dictates”and sip a glass of fine wine or beer or a soft drink for … absolute enjoyment!

The oil we use for the salads is olive oil.
The sauce we make is our recipe and home-made.
Shrimp and mussels are frozen.
Our vegetables are fresh.
Tuna, pineapple and corn are canned.
Our cheeses are: Real Dutch Gouda cheese, light Milner cheese, Greek feta cheese, the Danish blue Roquefort cheese.

Photostaken during preparation...

...and the result!

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“Pizza di Piazza”: An absolute Italian “sin”!
Themistokli Sofouli and Kostaki
Samos, tel. 22730 27516

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