Restaurant Pizzeria "Di Napoli"

Restaurant Pizzeria
Di Napoli

Themistokli Sofouli 27 Vathi Samos
Tel. 22730 – 27010, 27161

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Restaurant and Pizzeria “Di Napoli” : Teaches the Art of Making Pizza in Samos, Since 1979!

“Di Napoli” Restaurant and Pizzeria overlooks the beautiful beach of Samos and the endless blue of the Aegean Sea. In such a beautiful and enchanting place you can enjoy traditional Italian and Greek cuisine. This is a firm guarantee made by “Di Napoli’s” experienced and professional staff since 1979!

Di Napoli : Restaurant and Pizzeria
Photo since 1979

In our menu you’ll find many delicious suggestions. “Di Napoli” is a famous hangout of Samos and knows how to make delicious pizzas with fresh ingredients: Pizza Napoli includes chicken, tomato, egg and pepper. Simply marvelous!

Di Napoli : Restaurant and Pizzeria
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But since our menu includes many more delicious suggestions, don’t stick only to one dish. Give a chance to pizzas “Hawaii” and “Margarita”, both of which can be accompanied by tasty pastas and fresh salads.

The new trend and our new offer is the 32cm pizza! For gourmet and hungry people! We ate it all, but with great difficulty!
We also make juicy meat and seafood, as well as traditional Greek and Italian dishes.

In “Di Napoli”, with its outdoor tables, which are always occupied during the summer, you can enjoy delicious tastes made by fresh and unique ingredients that turn simple dishes into delicious choices: Omelets, appetizers, seafood, freshly cooked dishes, home-made recipes, and pastas, all combined with traditional Samian wines of “Di Napoli’s” Cellar.

“Di Napoli” Restaurant and Pizzeria is open from morning till night, all week long and is available for banquets, celebrations and business meals.