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Plaisir Coffees: From Nature to the Cup!Plaisir Coffees
Themistokli Sofouli and Vakirtzi
Tel. 22730 80975

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“Plaisir” Coffee-Shop is a category of its own! Because it brings coffee, this miraculous drink, from nature directly to your cup!

The above sentence is no exaggeration. Since 2010, “Plaisir” prides itself on being the only coffee-shop is Samos performing the proper roasting process just a few hours before consumption. Coffee beans are baked in Samos in order to offer, at any time, a fresh product to the consumer.

Why is “Plaisir” coffee-shop superior?

Plaisir Coffees: From Nature to the Cup!

The blends used by “Plaisir” are based on the Brazilian brown Arabica coffee of Monte Alegre (a member of the SCA group of companies), enriched with particular varieties from Africa and India.

Depending on the occasion, varieties from Costa Rica, Colombia, Kenya, the Honduras or Ethiopia are also used.
All brand-name coffees are certified crops by Rainforest Alliance, UTZ and some specialties and have scored over 97%!

Plaisir Coffees: From Nature to the Cup!

The whole process of roasting is done in Samos. So the time between roasting and drinking is short, thus meet the international standards and definition of what is a “fresh coffee”.

That’s why “Plaisir” takes pride on the unique and unparalleled taste of the coffee that serves to its customers!

Photographs of the coffee varieties used by “Plaisir”.