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Posidonio Restaurant

“Posidonio” Restaurant
Kerkezos Em. & Co. OE
Posidonio, Samos
Phone Numbers: 2273022753 & 2273022267


Α POOL BAR is also available for kids.
“Posidonio” Restaurant features Greek cuisine: All kinds and types of meats, grilled dishes, a wide variety of appetizers and fresh salads. All products are purchased by local producers, are well cooked and flavored with local herbs.

Accompany your dinner and meal with the famous SAMIAN WINES. Enjoy a friendly, impeccable and professional service in family-like environment at the most competitive prices.

Right in front of the Restaurant is a well-organized beach where you can swim and enjoy the sea.
Posidonio Restaurant

At Posidonio Restaurant you’ll have a unique experience by the sea accompanied with tasty and fresh seafood on a daily basis.

Hear the sound of the waves that gently pop next to you! Gaze the vastness and the magic of the sea! Taste unique varieties of handmade appetizers, hot dishes, fresh fish from the Greek Seas, delicious tastes that “flood” the mouth, imprinted in mind, and weak-up memories of beloved homemade cuisine dishes… You can experience all this surrounded by the enchanting bay of Posidonio… in “Posidonio” Restaurant!
Posidonio Restaurant

The Surprise

Posidonio Restaurant
Aquarium (Click to enlarge)

In “Posidonio” Restaurant you’ll always enjoy fresh fish and a wide variety of seafood, since the store manager has his own fishing boat and fishing in the blue and crystal clear waters of Samos!

Quite impressive is the huge boat-shaped aquarium placed at the center of the hall, from where you can choose your preferred fish and be sure that we’ll prepare your dish with great professionalism and taste!