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"Press & Snack" Press CenterThemistokli Sofouli 52, Vathi Samos
Τel. 2273 100303
e-mail: press.snack@gmail.com
Open: Daily 08:00-01:00

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“Giannoulopoulos” name became associated with Samos in 1916 when the Arcadian-born press center owner placed, in various parts of Greece, country-men of his to undertake press distribution services.

This is how the presence of Giannoulopoulos family began in Samos. From 1916 to 1996 the store was housed in the building where “KODAK” is currently housed, in Pythagoras Square. In 2012, the point of sale was transferred to the coastal road of the Samos City, next to “ALPHA BANK”.

Originally, the store gave importance and priority to press sales, thus devoted 50% of its available space to newspapers and magazines. The enormous crisis that affected press since 2010 onwards has gradually reduced the space previously occupied by newspapers and magazines.

"Press & Snack" Press Center

The store owners are closely monitor the developments in press both in Greece and abroad. So you’ll find titles of various categories (games, snacks etc.), which you’ll hardly find in Greece, but easier abroad.

Is no coincidence that the big companies of every category (books, snacks, cigarettes) choose our store for their promotion campaigns.

"Press & Snack" Press Center

If it hadn’t been named “Press Center”, the store could be named by one of the two most often phrases used by our clients:

“Oh, I didn’t know you had that as well” or “Can I walk around to see what you have here?”

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  • Gift vouchers in collaboration with leading companies (“LEGAMI”, “OCTOPUS”, “SANTORO”, etc.)

Today, at the “Press Center” you can find a huge variety of products:

  • Press
  • Books (with a permanent 10% discount. Special prices for book lovers at competitive prices, compared with the major bookshops of Athens)
  • Stationery
  • Photocopies, Seals & Bookbinding Services
  • Snacks
  • Refreshments
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Cigarettes
  • Smoking Items
  • Toys, original and brand-name, to the proposed retail prices (“AS”, “HASBRO”, “LEGO”, “PLAYMOBIL”, books for children and teenagers)
  • New department for mobile phone peripherals and accessories (speakers, headphones, gadgets)

From 1 March 2018 onwards, the stationer’s store, which “HARTEKDOTIKI” used to operate in the coastal road of Samos City, next to “Teleion plus”, was transferred to the “Press Center”.