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Appalousa Restaurant – Pizzeria
Them. Sofouli 15 Valhi Samou
Tel. 2273022422

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Restaurant-Pizzeria “Appalousa”: Eat … nice and well!

The warm atmosphere of “Appalousa” Restaurant-Pizzeria is present for more than three decades in the Island of Samos. This warm atmosphere is the outcome of our approach: Old-style tables, classic curtains, and local legends and stories are only a small fraction of the whole “magic”.

At “Appalousa” you can start your gastronomic day with nice and tasty snacks or appetizers (choices of our chefs) and then you can carry on with the main dish and an appetite to devour… everything!

“Appalousa” serves local (i.e. traditional Samian), Greek and Italian cuisine with creative gastronomic additions: From our famous pizza and Italian pasta to excellent in quality and well-cooked fresh meats. All are made with professional tenderness and affection. In a broader sense, “Appalousa’s” dishes are travelling across the world inside the experiences of all Greeks and foreigners who have tasted our cuisine over time…

Our personal favorite tastes are: Stuffed chicken or stuffed back (lamp or kid), spaghetti marinara, and pizza with pepper, mushrooms, fresh tomato, cheese, and olives.

Finish off with one of our many sweet surprises like Samian home-made donuts or pancakes.

At “Appalousa” you can find all kinds of menus: Normal, specialized (either for athletes or people under diet), for children’s parties etc.

Restaurant – Pizzeria Appalousa
Three chefs imagine and create dishes in a 3rd generation store for 3rd generation clients!