A Spectacular Storm for Samos

During the last days, an abrupt change of weather brought a taste of winter … and successive storms in Samos. Especially last night, Samos was at the center of bad weather, since a storm strengthened sharply in the region and produced spectacular lightnings. This is clearly shown in the map (the purple color corresponds to the 02:00-04:00 time span, source: http://www.lightningmaps.org/realtime).2016-03-04-2-300x166

Once again I followed the course of the weather and as the storm approached I choose the area called Nisi to take my photographs. At the end, staying awake all night worth the effort, since the storm caused awe and lightnings illuminated the night every few seconds. A spectacular weather … and nature at its very best, once again in Samos!

Source isamos.gr