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“Inspire” Home: Furniture with Style and Signature

Store Manager: Vangelis Kaplanzis
3 Smyrnis Street, Samos, 83100
Phone Number: (+30) 2273027500
Mytilinioi, Samos, 83101
Phone Number: (+30) 2273051213

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“Inspire” was founded in 2006 with the aim to import and sell furniture made by European companies in the Greek market.

Is the continuation of a commercial activity that began back in the 1960s in furniture market.
Our store has already a well recorded an important business presence and course in the fields of home and office (professional) equipment. In fact, we have brought our Greek customers closer to the new trends of elegant design, thus we provide with the opportunity to purchase and make use of the best products made in Europe at the lowest prices.

Direct import and sales without intermediates allow for wholesale prices instead for retail.

Also, large-volume agreements lower, even more, the already low final price, especially for business owners, such as hotels etc.

“KAPLANZIS” is the founding company of “INSPIRE-HOME” and “INSPIRE-HOTEL” stores and is regarded as “Brand Leader” in home and hotel furniture industry.

“Inspire” Home: Furniture with Style and Signature

For the last 30 years we participate in all European furniture exhibitions, wherever they take place. Since 2011, the company closely monitors the evolution of the Chinese furniture market in order to be able to offer more cost-effective solutions when needed.

Our aim is to establish “INSPIRE-HOME” and “INSPIRE-HOTEL” stores in parts of Greece that grow rapidly in the furniture market.

The recent co-operation between “INSPIRE” and the highly acclaimed “DECO-STORE” offers dynamic growth in the South Aegean islands. The greatest honor and success of “INSPIRE” is the co-operation with the supply office at MILANO and the special dynamics that distinguishes it from all other furniture commercial businesses in Greece.

“Inspire” Home: Furniture with Style and SignatureFor home furniture, the largest companies compete with each other to gain a share in our heart and home. “INSPIRE-HOME’s” main slogan is: SERVICE, EVOLUTION and PERFORMANCE for its customers.