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"Stefanou": The Color Center of SamosLylourgou Logotheti 12, Karlovassi
Τel. 22730 32 203
Fax: 22730 32 203
Email: stefapaint@yahoo.gr

The “APPLIMO” wall-mounted boiler is the ideal oil-independence solution featuring quiet and very economic operation.

"Stefanou": The Color Center of Samos

Sotiris Stefanou is a family owned business and today is one of the largest business networks of construction color shops in Samos, and since 1957 has always been devoted and consistent with the service of customers, individuals and professionals alike.

We’re active in the fields of colors, plumbing and sanitary ware, heating and air conditioning, tools, hand tools, paint shop items, building materials and cements.

Our vision is:

  • To continue being the benchmark in the construction color industry in Samos.
  • To see all our customers being satisfied and pleased by adding color in their lives.
  • To be a benchmark for insulation.

Tools and materials

We work with brand-name companies, such as:

  • "Stefanou": The Color Center of Samos“Chrotex”
  • “Chromodomi”
  • “Vernilak”
  • “Bosh”
  • “Bulle” Tools
  • “Durostick” Products


  • “Prisma Therm” Solar Products
  • “Sikkens” Car Colors