Terzis Bookstore was founded by Thanassis Terzis in 1994 and remains in business since then.

Since 1994 many thinks have changed, but what remains the same is our commitment to quality, professional service and to long-term personal relationships with our customer. The bookstore is active in the fields of book selling, stationary and office supplies, computer consumables and all kinds of office machines, as well as in the technical support, maintenance and repair of office machines.
“Terzis” Bookstore is located in Vathi Samos (6, Kapetan Stamatis Street), next to the Municipal Garden, the Town Hall, the Archaeological Museum and other public buildings.

The bookstore offers hundreds of titles of Greek literature and translated books, foreign language titles, children’s books, albums, art books, dictionaries, travel books and maps, books for economics and all theoretical sciences.

The store also offers well-known briefcases, office accessories and supplies, organizers, notebooks, original gifts, stationery, painting and hobbies as well as computer consumables.
In addition, ideas for gifts are offered (such as writing tools, special items and office organization items).

Finally, the bookstore offers tutorial books and aids for school, as well as all the equipment a student needs in terms of stationery, painting and hobbies.

Bookstore Athanasios Terzis

Terzis Bookstore: Where Writing and Reading Enriches the Soul

What is Poetry? “One Night a Poet Lit all the Lights of his Mind…”

Poetry is one of the most bizarre mysteries and, perhaps, the most immense one. One can argue that poetry is a mixture of “delicious” poisons inside golden enticing glasses or that is a temptation, a demon that suddenly enters the body of a normal soul, causing a fertile Serenity or even that is a kind of euthanasia of all the things that suffer within us either as unsatisfied or as betrayed.

Terzis Bookstore: Where Writing and Reading Enriches the Soul

Literature is one of the fine arts that use speech as its expressive mean, just as music uses sounds, painting colors, sculpture uses bronze, marble or clay, and architecture all the well-known building materials. A literature work is a written text (prose or rhyme) that has nothing to do with any branch of science. It wasn’t made to impart knowledge. But what is the purpose of literature and art in general? That’s difficult to answer, even though so many definitions have been given, such as the purification of passions, pleasure, refinement, technical activity, and empowerment.


Terzis Bookstore: Where Writing and Reading Enriches the Soul

Child Literature or Literature for Children is a branch of Literature. It’s not inferior, as is wrongly considered by some people, but equal, and even more demanding than literature, because its audience is particularly charismatic. Indeed, children’s literature should respond to the explosive personality of a child, which is rich in imagination, inexhaustible in inventiveness, with a sensitive and unpredictable soul and emotional complexity.

We open the books of knowledge as we open the shutters of soul (Mayakovski)

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Terzis Bookstore: Where Writing and Reading Enriches the SoulKap. Stamati 6 Vathy Samos, 83100
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