The “ Tortuga ” Beach Bar, which is located in Kambos Marathokambou, is impressive and glamorous and makes the difference in day and night fun! In fact, “Tortuga” is regarded as the “crown-jewel” of the wider Kambos Marathokambou area!

Kampos Marathokambou is one of the most beautiful and most developed tourist areas of Samos. Especially during the summer months is a place full of life, motion, fun, and relaxation!

All the beaches, from Ormos Marathakombou to Limnionas are beautiful, clean, and full by visitors (local and foreigners). The main road that crosses Kambos Marathokambou is noisy and full of life. The traditional and elegant shops, bars, coffee-shops, taverns etc. add colour and “invite” everybody to join the place for nice food, cold drinks, refreshments, shopping or just… fun!

The “Tortuga” Beach Bar made a great impression on us and we think is worth mentioning it in detail. The beach bar is located in the city-center of Kambos Marathokambou, and since its opening the tourist industry of the area has been significantly upgraded.

Recently we had the pleasure to visit “Tortuga” and when we left we were quite impressed with its facilities, its friendly atmosphere, and the friendly behavior of its highly trained and professional staff. “Tortuga” wins admiration from the very first moment. From the entrance up to the edge of the sea, that surrounds it, the bar produces a pleasant “aura” which is a by-product of its elegant construction and decoration. Versatile and suitable for any hour of the day or night, “Tortuga” is a place for coffee, swimming or refreshments. One think is for sure: You’ll never get tired in “Tortuga”, no matter how many hours you stay!

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