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“Tortuga” Beach Bar is a “gem” for Kambos Marathokampos, which “upgrades” the aesthetic of the whole area!

Kampos Marathokampos is one of the most beautiful and most tourist areas of Samos Island. Indeed, During summer is an area full of life and motion reflecting a constant mood of relaxation and fun.
All the beautiful beaches, all the way from Ormos to Limnionas, are overwhelmed by tourists while the main road that crosses Kampos Marathokampos is full of life all day and all night long. The aesthetic, colorful and stylish shops of every kind add a unique tone to Kampos Marathokampos … an invitation for you to eat, drink, shop and have lots of fun.

A well-known and successful business that will live you with a positive impression is “Tortuga” Beach Bar which is located and dominates the center of Kampos Marathokampos. The bar, aesthetic and well organized, adds a unique tone of fun and elevates Kampos Marathokampos at a higher level!
“Tortuga” stands impressive with its modern facilities, its friendly environment and the flawless behavior of the professionals who operate the business.
At first glance, “Tortuga” wins you attention. From its entrance to the edge of the sea that surrounds the bar its pleasant breeze and the elegant taste of its creators is constantly reflected. Diversified and convenient invites everyone to enjoy a nice coffee or to swim or to enjoy a cold drink. We believe that now one is entitled to bore it, even if you spend many-many hours with us!

You can relax on the beach (loungers and umbrellas are available), enjoy the sun, swim in the cool and crystal clear waters, listen to your favorite music and enjoy the beach.

“Tortuga” is a charming, joyous and luxurious bar that will “travel” you to exotic places but with a Greek scent! Enjoy your coffee or drink or listen to nice music until sunset.

The surrounding areas are majestic and beautiful. Nearby stands the imposing Kerkis Mountain, where you can visit the Cave of Pythagoras, the picturesque Marathokambos Bay and the traditional village of Marathokambos.

Tortuga Beach Bar: Impressive, Lavish … Lively!Kampos Marathokampos
Tel. +30 2273 037399

Tourists can feel comfortable with umbrellas and loungers, swim in the cool and crystal clear waters, and-perhaps the most vibrant activity-enjoy sports like beach volley.

The well-organized and impeccable volleyball court often hosts challenging tournaments that attract even more people, eventually generating the impression that you are in a cosmopolitan Cycladic island!