Welcome to the 2nd Tourism and Local products Exhibition of Samos, Ikaria and Fournoi!

On 10-12 August 2018 at the coastal road of Samos town from 19.00- 24.00 in 40 kiosks the local producers will present their products and you will have the opportunity to taste or buy them. Every night special events will take place such as presentations by experts and food shows by chefs.

Tourism meets the local products of our islandsA few words about our islands…
Samos, Ikaria, Fournoi: three islands very close to each other, which can travel you through space and time, in myth and history, to the wonders of nature and humans.
Since antiquity to the present day, these three islands have been recorded as sites of unique natural beauty and praised by poets and travelers throughout the centuries.
Words of great teachers, wise men, Ionian poets flow through time like the wind, into the ruins of ancient temples, the derelict walls, the deserted ancient market. Pirates’ sails billowing in the wind, Icarus’ wings opening and reaching sea coasts, towns and villages in islands, to remind that beauty is both land, nature, sea and spiritual experiences, greatness of ideas and insights, that bind the fates of gods and men.

… and a few words about our products, the key components of the Mediterranean diet

The fertile land, the ideal and favorable climate and the breeze of the Aegean sea encourage the organic production of many different products that are known worldwide for their quality, high nutritional value and flavor.

The excellent quality virgin olive oil with low acidity, the Muscat wine, with designation of origin “Samos” known since antiquity, the wine of Ikaria, a descendant of the Ikarian “Pramneios wine”, the oldest wine with designation of origin, fragrant honey of excellent quality, due to the wide variety of trees, herbs and shrubs, premium quality herbs, essential oils and organic products, used for their beneficial properties and for cooking.

Friday 10 August

Vine harvest and grape must pudding festival
20.15: Opening by the Governor of Samos
20.20: “Introducing local flavors” by Margarita Ikariou, journalist.
20.30: “Vine harvest and traditional must production” by Kapetan Lachanas and XO.ROS, local cultural clubs.
21.15: “Traditional grape must pudding cooking”, by local housewives.
22.00: “Master Class about grape must in gastronomy” by executive chefs, Vaggelis Bilibas and Aslanis Panterlis with the presence of Miltos Karoubas, President of Chefs association and Tasos Protopsaltis, President of the Greek Chef’s Club.

Tourism meets the local products of our islands

Saturday 11 August 

Tourism meets the local products of our islands
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Samos Breakfast by Lambros Vakiaros, MasterChef 2017
21.15: “Samos Breakfast spot” by Sotiris Danezis, awarded journalist.
21.20: “Samos Breakfast” by Lambros Vakiaros, Master Chef 2017.


Sunday 12 August

Tourism meets the local products of our islands
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Pumpkin contest and local recipes
20.30: “Pumpkin contest”.
21.00: “Local pumpkin rolls”, by Mary Tzogannaki and Rena Kostoglou, chefs.
21.45: “Pastry recipes with local products”, by Evaggelia Seraskeri, Pastry Chef.

The presentations will be also in English.

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