Kerkis is a beautiful mountain. Wild, but beautiful! It’s nice to climb it, while walk all the way to Panagia Makrini is a delight!

One Sunday morning, with a rented jeep, we started from Vathi towards the village of Kallithea and Panagia Makrini.

We drive slowly in order to enjoy the beautiful journey and we arrived in Kallithea after 30 minutes’ drive. Then we took the road that goes up to Kerkis Mount.

For a climbing road is in a very good condition, but a jeep-like vehicle is necessary even though we hardly changed … the first gear. The ride is breathtaking through the dense forest and we strongly recommend you to walk the distance (some 5 km). It is an easy walk and you’ll be rewarded by the beauty of the wild nature.

You’ll pass by the Church of St. Catherine and you’ll stay around for a little bit to enjoy the place. At the end of the dirt road, follows an ascent some 500 meters long. It is a well maintained path with cross-like signs, so you cannot be lost.

Reaching Panagia Makrini you’ll feel that the whole place worth the effort!

The church is built inside a cave and shines in it bright-white color.

The view from its elevated courtyard is “divine”, thus no humble camera can capture its magnificence! Even the look of the eye is difficult to comprehend the beauty of the surrounding environment.

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