Spatharei (Spatharaioi) is the highest “balcony” of the Aegean Sea! We recently visited the village on the occasion of the local Carnival (called Kadi). We walked in its impressive and beautiful narrow streets and took several photos of the wonderful view. Unfortunately the weather was not suitable for photographs, so we promise to return!

Spatharaioi is built in a high altitude which means that almost every corner of the village has a unique view to the south-western Samos and the Aegean Sea.

The village is unique for its traditional architecture, its narrow streets, the picturesque central square, and the Church of the Archangels which dominates the place.

As we were told by the locals, from the village you can see Samiopoula, Ikaria, Fourni, and Agathonisi islands, while, if you are lucky enough with the weather, in the distance, you might be able to see Patmos island.

Spatharaioi are located some five kilometers away of Pyrgos village, on the way towards Pagondas village, on the slopes of Bournia Mountain. It is one of the “highest” villages of Samos (i.e. it is built in a high altitude). It was named after Father Peter Spathas who was the first settler-resident, along with his 18 children.

The inhabitants are mainly engaged in agriculture (the most important crop is olives). Both the village and the crops suffered a major damage from the fires of the recent years.

Administratively, in Spatharaioi belong the coastal villages of Zephyrus, Apostolos Pavlos, Vergi, Kalogeriko, Kyrgianni, Limnionaki, Metochi, Sykia, and Samiopoula (island) with less than 170 inhabitants in total.

Spatharaioi have a total population of 236 people (according to the National Census of 2011) and is located some 32 km south-west of the capital city, in an altitude of 582 meters. Unforgettable are the festivals that taking place every August 15 and every November 8. The village has a large olive-oil production.

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